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Carol Lee

Administrative Clerk Carol’s number one specialty is Purchasing and Production. She loves working everyday side by side the other office members as well as enjoying the interaction with our customers. When Carol is away from the office you can find her spending time with her boys.

Amber Coultis

Graphic Designer/Production Artist Amber works hard to produce well designed products for customers through digital means. She handles multiple projects and works quickly to incorporate changes to prepare art for print and bindery. Her number one speciality is is juggling multiple tasks/projects at the same time to meet customer deadlines. She loves being able to turn a client’s vision into reality. Learning and understanding how the digital turns into the physical is a huge passion of hers. When she’s not working she is drawing and creating new concepts and designs for my online shop, watching movies, and hanging out with her boyfriend.

Melinda Bradshaw

Receptionist Melinda’s largest responsibility is customer service. Her number one specialty is being polite and courteous with clients on the phone or in person. She likes that they are able to service so many businesses and individuals in our community as well as in other states. Working for the Fletchers has allowed her to play a small role in the Belton community. Making sure our customers are satisfied is something she pride’s herself on. When Melinda is away from work she loves to spend time with her husband, either around the house or going out to dinner and a movie. Melinda also loves spending time with her family whenever possible.

Karen Fletcher

Owner, Operations and Finance Karen handles the financial duties and office management. She also knows her way around all the printing tools. Her specialty is management and customer service. She loves owning their own company and being able to be community minded. They are large enough to provide great quality service and products, yet small enough to provide personal, fast turn around. When Karen isn’t enjoying work you can find her at the lake.

Jeff Fletcher

Owner, Sales and Marketing Jeff takes care of our sales and marketing. His number one specialty is getting to work with customers and potential customers. He loves being an owner and meeting new people that walk through the door. When Jeff is away from work he’s usually at the lake boating and fishing.


Karen and Jeff Fletcher

Our History

KS Business Forms & Supplies, Inc originated in Wichita, KS by Norma & Al Williams, our aunt and uncle.  They did business in the states of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Karen & Jeff Fletcher acquired the company in March of 2008.   We moved it to Belton, Mo shortly after taking over the company.  We have established the company in downtown Belton, MO on Main Street.  We have increased our customer base, extending into the state of Illinois. The customer service, the printing facility and your automotive supply needs are handled out of the Belton office.  We also have a salesmen by the name of Bob Todd who is located in the Wichita, KS area.

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